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John L Kopcke,
Chief Technology Officer
Hyperion Solutions Corporation 

"Viewed as a consolidating force in enterprise software...our technology is non-disruptive and offers fast implementations and quick return on investment."

1. Hyperion reported solid fiscal second quarter results, with a license revenue increase, of over 11% and earnings per share that nearly doubled over the same period last year. To what do you attribute this positive result when the global economy was still reeling under an extended recession?

  • Companies are increasingly concerned with financial integrity – Hyperion’s success is being fueled by two prominent features of the current economy, the downturn and recent financial inconsistencies

  • No V-shaped economy - Companies have to extract every least erg of performance out of their operations. The recession is forcing companies to manage themselves more effectively, to better understand where profits and cash are generated within the organization, so they can improve performance even during tough times.

  • These have contributed to the emergence of bpm

  • Hyperion has emerged as the leader of this new category

 In addition, new reporting requirements and the need to re-establish shareholder confidence are leading companies to report faster and in more detail, as well as to create more frequent and realistic plans, which help them spot variances more quickly.  Variances between plans vs. actuals are often the first sign of a bad business practice than needs to be fixed before it hurts the company's overall performance.

2. Hyperion continues to lead the business performance management category with its suite-based applications and integrating platform. To what do you attest this continued momentum as the business performance management market leader?

Hyperion has created a compelling strategy that includes business performance management applications supported by a solid business intelligence platform. We are increasingly viewed as a consolidating force in enterprise software. Our technology is non-disruptive and offers fast implementations and quick return on investment. More and more, companies are realizing that they can't plan and set goals in a vacuum, budget in a separate vacuum, report results in another vacuum. The synergies between our platform and applications are tremendous as they help companies get a more holistic view of what is happening, both in the past, as well as predicting potential outcomes. By leading in both aspects--platform and applications--Hyperion can deliver unmatched insight into the organization.

3. How does Hyperion business performance management solution help enterprise organizations increase sales, control costs and drive profitability in spite of increased competition and regressed market conditions?

Hyperion helps companies on several levels. First, just by consolidating data from all the far-flung sources found in the many islands throughout any large organization, Hyperion helps companies develop comprehensive insight about performance and a single version of the truth. Simply aligning executives and staff at all levels can help an organization track better to its objectives. Second, by delivering more granular detail about finances and operations more quickly, Hyperion helps managers and staff at all levels make better, more prompt decisions that affect company results. Third, through predictive modeling, Hyperion helps companies set better strategies and tactics for success.

4. What are the solutions that Hyperion provides in helping global 10,000 companies measure performance and drive profitability? 

The company provides both financial and operational BPM applications for financial reporting and consolidation, as well as planning, business modeling, performance scorecarding, all on a single business intelligence platform that supports custom and tailored applications. 

5. What are Hyperion's portfolio of global services and support programs that help the industry implement, customize, enhance and extend Hyperion business performance management solution for immediate return on investment?

Both Hyperion and its partners provide a full range of implementation consulting, education and ongoing customer support to make Hyperion's highly flexible and customizable products work the way users need them to-quickly and cost-effectively. Hyperion partners also provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of vertical industries and legacy systems.

6. Since inception Hyperion has come a long way and have ridden a burgeoning as well as a slackened economy. Where does it go from here? What are the strategic areas of interest that Hyperion is looking at in terms of enhancing core area of technology and increasing market share?

From a business standpoint, Hyperion sees three "growth edges." Although business intelligence technology has been around for 20-plus years, the Business Performance Management market is still young. There is a huge opportunity simply in delivering better, faster reporting and planning capabilities. There is also the opportunity to expand beyond finance, where the concentration has been heaviest into all functional areas of companies--basically making BPM as ubiquitous for managing as email is for communicating. Finally, there is an opportunity, especially through our partners, to increase the number of domain-specific solutions available, i.e., solutions for specific vertical markets or functional capabilities.

7. Mergers and acquisition are the order of the day when there is no signs of the economy picking up. How does Hyperion view partnerships and alliance in its bid to expand to new territories and stay ahead of the competition? 

Hyperion is actively looking at partnerships or potentially acquisitions in adjacent applications that also serve the finance department. For instance these might include treasury or cash management. Hyperion is also looking to develop relationships with companies that can augment our technology or complement our distribution strategy.

John Kopcke, chief technology officer, is the driving force behind Hyperion's vision, product, market direction and commitment to services. Kopcke brings more than 25 years of experience with client/server and Web-based decision support and business intelligence solutions. As CTO, he is responsible for the overarching product and technology strategy for Hyperion. Additionally, Kopcke spends considerable time with key partners to leverage the company's architecture, sharing Hyperion's technology direction and technology platform messages.

Prior to Hyperion, he has held CTO positions at Softlab, a BMW company and provider of data management technologies and system integration solutions, and at Pilot Software, a subsidiary of Accrue Software. Previously, he founded Kopcke and Associates, a software and development company specializing in the specification and implementation of software for software products companies.

Kopcke holds a BGS from the University of Michigan, with a heavy concentration in computer science, mathematics and economics.


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